Healthcare provider Medfin raises $15 million in Series B funding

Health care provider Medfin announced on April 11 that it had acquired $15 million of Series B capital from investors including Arka Nxt, HealthXCapital (Singapore), Blume Ventures, Axilor Ventures, Sony, and Kotak Investments.

With the newly raised funds, Medfin plans to expand to more than 25 cities across the United States. Additionally, the company will put money into research, development and its people in order to be a one-stop service platform that covers more than 250 kinds of daycare services.

The company was established in 2017 with the help of Arjun Kumar Arun Kumar and Sidharth Gurjar. Medfin assists patients in navigating difficult diagnostic procedures, making connections with surgeons, helping them determine the most appropriate treatment as well as calculating cost estimates and checking insurance coverage, as well as other.

The idea is to give clients access to surgical procedures in all departments, that range from orthopedics to ophthalmology, for a low cost.

Medfin claims to have completed more than 5,000 procedures so to date, with plans to reach 1,000,000 surgeries in 2024. It previously had received $4 million in financing.

“(Medfin) are in the process of becoming the largest day-care in India provider. We are delighted to work with Medfin in this endeavor,” said Vikram Kailas of Arka Nxt Ventures.

Seemant Jauhari from Health X Capital stated, “With variable quality, outcomes, and prices affecting healthcare , patients are often confused and is not confident. Achieving access with outstanding outcomes helps build confidence! This is the key feature of Medfin and differentiates them from other providers of this kind.”

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