July 3, 2022

Microsoft plans to add the new tier of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service that lets up to five people participate in games with a single family plan. Insiders believe that the service will be less expensive than individual subscriptions.

According to the magazine Windows Central, the Redmond technology giant has been mulling the possibility of introducing the family plan for a long time and is now preparing to begin the launch later this year.

Insiders have told The publication that this plan would cost less than five accounts on its own as well as Microsoft will be using Microsoft’s Family Account system in Office 365 for managing the plan. There is no information as to the existence of distinct tiers for console or PC users or if the program will only be available to the highest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier that starts at 699 per monthly in India.

Microsoft recently announced that it would reduce costs for its Xbox Game Pass starting April 2022. The new pricing will mean that the most affordable plan for Game Pass will cost Rs. 349. Game Pass will start at the price of Rs. 349 while it is expected that the Game Pass Ultimate would cost the price of Rs. 699, but it appears that the prices have not yet come into effect.

Sony has also revealed an alternative that will be similar to the game pass through a revamp of the PlayStation Plus service into three distinct different tiers. The base tier will remain the same as currently, offering gamers the option of playing online, save their data in the cloud as well as discounts on store purchases, and two games that they can download and play each month.

This PlayStation Plus Extra tier will provide all the advantages of the standard tier, while including a catalog that includes more than 400 PlayStation 4 and 5 games to play. It will include a mix of third and first game titles.

In the Premium version, you can include additional games, including PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 classics, and the capability to stream PlayStation 3 games over the cloud. PlayStation Portable games will also be included in the Premium level.

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