Twitter will Fight Spam at Court


The growth of any social network or forum increases the risk of having problems with spam. Twitter took legal actions in San Francisco against five of the major distributors of software tools that support spam on their platform for micro blogging messages.

“With this suit, we’re going straight to the source,” declared the company. The suspension of these services will cut off access to users who abuse with them. Also, this will be a warning to other spammers that we shall fight with them.” The purpose of these legal proceedings is to deny others who wish to disseminate unsolicited messages or create software for spam, noted the management of the company. In addition, the micro blogging service improves the algorithms for determining spam and checks of short URLs, which are used to direct users to sites with malicious codes.

The Company has a large team of specialists and programmers who are responsible for security and are engaged in combating spam; it seems the problem is growing despite the measures and this enforced the social network to take legal actions. The five software programs on which proceedings were initiated are: Garland Harris, James Lucero, TweetBuddy, TweetAdder and TweetAttacks. For example, TweetAdder allows users to create and manage multiple accounts and through them to pour other users with numerous unwanted messages. According to Twitter, those software applications violate the General Rules of Social Networking. “We focus on these distributors of software tools, because they deliberately create programs that allow their users to flood others with large quantities of spam messages,” commented by Twitter.

Recently the site for electronic classifieds Craigslist has won a legal victory against spammers and received compensatory damages at the amount of $ 200 thousand, recalls Earlier Facebook initiated legal actions against Adscend Media, which used the social network for the distribution of spam.

According to, the probability Twitter to win the cases against spammers is high. The micro blogging service takes this step to protect the interests of 140 million active users.

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