Student Life Insurance: Some Basic Points to Remember


studentsMany of us are of the standpoint that only working people should go for life insurance. However, this is not the fact. Students and teenagers can also buy life insurance for protecting their lives.

Students are always busy with studies and it is not unusual that they are not devoting a huge amount of time contemplating life insurance. Nonetheless, many of them might think that buying this cover is a prudent decision to make.

Why should students go for life insurance?   

Students who are married with kids must think about purchasing life cover. As students belong to different age groups, there is high probability that some students have families and children to support.

No matter if you are a student or not, a life policy will always work to safeguard your near and dear ones in the event of a sad demise. This policy will offer financial support to your family members to sustain their livelihood expenses and make sure they don’t face difficult financial times.

Students who have taken out mortgage loans or education loans also go for life policies.

There is another category of students who prefer to go for securing their lives. Students who are uncertain about their future also choose life cover. When they purchase it at a young age, they can save a lot of money on their premium cost since it is quite low during this time. It is also due to the reason that it is assumed that the health condition of a young student is always in good shape and the probability of death at a young age is low. When these students grow up, they feel that their future is secured with this policy and they don’t need to worry about any financial problems. Planning beforehand is always a prudent decision, particularly for college goers. Some policies can also take care of funeral expenditures. Typically, no health checkup is carried out by the carriers.

Students who participate in adventure sports or pursuits where a significant degree of risk is involved also take life cover into consideration. Mountaineering and mountain biking are some of the adventure sports that have a considerable extent of risk involved and buying a life policy is a smart choice here. However, the premium rate for this policy will naturally be high.

Some useful shopping advices to student life insurance customers

  • Students who follow a healthy routine are not subjected to high premium rates since they are not regarded to bear significant risk.
  • Students need to evaluate their choices cautiously.
  • They might select whole life or term life insurance on the basis of the rates they are able to manage.

Whole life insurance or term life insurance: Which one is better?

Students can either go for whole life insurance or term life insurance. Obviously, whole life policies will be costlier than term life policies in terms of premium. However, the cash value or surrender value offered by whole life policies is considerably higher and it increases with time.

How to get affordable student life insurance quotes

Now, there are various techniques to do so. Browsing price comparison websites will help you limit your options.

Students should have the aptitude to evaluate the rate and the cover offered by particular life policy providers. They need to offer precise details while searching for a suitable policy.


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