11 Ways to get Kicked off a Plane


ID-10069400-300x300For the benefit of the general public, this time we have compiled a list of things that you shouldn’t do lest you want to kick out of an airplane.

They wouldn’t care if you are afraid of heights, if you do even one of the things which is on this list… they will kick you right out!. No seriously, try doing any of the things listed here and you will have only yourself to blame when you kicked off the plane.

1. Inappropriate Behavior with the Flight Crew

They are usually nice but if you happen to test their patience the flight attendants might just throw you out of the plane on their own or at the very least they can call in security to do it for them. Inappropriate behavior with the flight attendants is not unheard of and makes you wonder how hard is it to behave yourself with the people who generally try to give us the best service they can.

2. Yelling Inside the Plane

Screaming at the top of your lung while playing outdoor sports in a park won’t make strangers turn their heads but doing that in plane will certainly have people looking at your direction while covering their ears with both hands. It is not a good idea to resort to yelling when in a confrontation anywhere but if you do it in a crowded plane you most likely would be kicked out.

3. Urinating Inside the Plane

Urinating inside the plane, in front of the passenger will result at the very least in the culprit being thrown out. Who would be stupid enough to do it you ask? As it turns out it has actually happened. Ex Guns N’ Ross guitarist Izzy Stradlin was once thrown out of a plane and jailed for urinating in front of the passengers under effect of alcohol in the 90′s. He has long changed and has been sober for years we informed.

4. Hitting another Passenger

Unless you happened to have had the misfortune of being involved in a hijack situation and the person you were hitting happen as the terrorist you will most definitely be kicked out of the plane for doing it. That is just an unacceptable behavior by any standards, anywhere. Don’t go hitting anybody folks!

5. Indulging In Obscene Display Of Affection In Public

What is obscene varies from culture to culture. In certain countries even hugging and kissing is considered as obscene and you might be kicked out of the plane if you were found doing it. It is always a good idea to know how conservative the local custom is when traveling in foreign cultures.

6. Entering the cockpit

You simply can’t stand up and go anywhere you like when you are thousands of kilometers up in the air and there are rules you need to follow. One such rule prohibits all passengers to enter the cockpit of the flight unless one has the pilot’s permission. How would you feel if you were sitting on a plane and you suddenly notice a man standing up and making his way inside the cockpit? You would most likely want him thrown out right?

7. Not Buckling Up

Not buckling up when instructed to do so can have you thrown out of the plane. After all if you don’t allow the flight attendants to make sure you have a safe journey what option do they really have other than to fly without you? 

8. Traveling Under The Influence Of Alcohol

Drinking and flying does not go down well. If the authorities find that you knocked beyond your senses under influence of alcohol they reserve the right to get you out of the plane and fly without you.

 9. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

Wearing clothes that turn heads is not a good idea when you are in a plane. The authorities reserve the right to admission and they have the power to kick you out of a plane if you were found wearing inappropriate clothes.

10. Refusing To Switch Off Electronic Gadgets

They really mean it when they announce that electronics gadgets are not allowed in the plane and they can have you thrown out if you refuse to comply.

11. Standing up and shouting “I am a terrorist” And Laughing Hysterically

It seems like we have saved the best for the last. No really, this could actually happen. Wouldn’t you be tempted to do it, stand up and shout “I am a terrorist” , if someone offered you a million dollars to do it? You’ll win the money but you would be thrown out of the plane for sure.

Just be sure that you don’t give anyone any reason to kick you out of a plane try avoiding the things listed here!


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  1. Aha! Great advice here for someone that wants to get kicked off the plane…?

    Reminds me of that drunken man that was literally taped down to his chair on a flight after he attacked another woman and threatened to down the aircraft. lol.

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