The Fantastic Eyeglasses of Google – Already a Reality


The future of mobile technologies are the “smart” spectacles, which in addition to serving as Smart phones, will add an updated real-time information about what we see in our visual field.

Nowadays many people have and enjoy the comfort of smartphones and tablets. These sevices, hybrid between PC and mobile phone, facilitate our lives with the most functionality and access to information: they direct us by GPS navigation, display weather forecast, send messages to friends, give the opportunity for surfing the Internet, and take pictures and what not. Now imagine, that all of this is done by your Google eyeglasses.

From  Google  officially confirmed that the spectacles with the so-called “augmented reality” are developed by a special team responsible for the most secret and innovative projects, including Google’s self-driving cars and space elevator. The idea behind these spectacles is to integrate all the functionality of modern mobile devices into reality. For this purpose, they will be equipped with a transparent screen, through which all available information will be lay on on what we see.

The spectacles will recognize what we look at through a built-in camera and according to this they will display the contextual menus and data. The device will have a microphone and headphones and will be managed by voice commands, leaving the hands free. The vision of Google is that technology must be available when you need it, and not to be an obstacle, when you do not need it. Therefore, all menus and all the information will be in our visual field and we can hide it are reveal it with only one word.

Of course, the new development will make use of the other products of company as “Google maps” and “Google+ ,“ and probably will be driven by the operating system “Android.” The project most probably will not be ready for market by the end of the year, but despite this, it is not only a dream. The spectacles with “augmented reality” are tested by the staff of the IT giant and even now there are different models of them, which are installed on ordinary eyeglasses or on viewfinders in style of “Star Trek.”

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